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                Five Yang science and technology member enterprise stock code:300420

                Guangdong Weichuang five ocean Intelligent Equipment Co Ltd

                Responsible for the production and manufacturing of automatic production line and intelligent storage equipment, the current carrying the manufacturing task target company nationwide automation production line and intelligent storage equipment demand.

                Hefei Weichuang automation equipment Co., Ltd.

                The proposed production and is mainly engaged in the manufacture of automatic production line and intelligent storage equipment, to meet the standard of the company in East China and North China automatic production line and intelligent storage equipment demand.

                Dongguan Weichuang Huaxin Automation Equipment Co Ltd

                To build a new production base in the Southern China area, the Southern China regional Corporation to meet product demand growth.

                Beijing Weichuang Parking Management Co. Ltd.

                The main vehicle parking lot of public service, currently in Beijing operates a public parking lot, the premise of future in the company's capital strength standard allowed, intends its experience and service to a nationwide promotion.

                Kunming ocean five Flextronics Services Limited parking

                The development and use of management and operation management, responsible for parking lot parking software.