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                Five Yang science and technology member enterprise stock code:300420

                corporate culture

                COMPANY CULTURE

                First, core values:
                Two, the vision of the company:
                A first-class brand, to become a respected business 100 years
                Three, the corporate mission:
                Let the customer satisfaction, and employee share, shareholder value, and social harmony
                Four, business philosophy:
                Integrity, quality, innovation, sharing

                development history

                • 2015

                  Successful landing in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing, stock code 300420

                • 2012

                  Through the GB/T28001-2001 occupation health and safety management system certification.

                • 2010

                  Through the ISO14001:2004 environment system certification, ROHS certification, CE certification.

                • 2009

                  Won the title of national high-tech enterprises.

                • 2008

                  Through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

                • 2006

                  Get special manufacturing license.

                • 1995

                  The company involved in the parking equipment industry.

                • 1993

                  The establishment of the company, to carry out the automated assembly line operations.