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                Efficient storage The beauty of deductive space

                Wai Chuang automation was born in 1993

                Focus on industrial automation for more than twenty years

                Rooted in the great power craftsman spirit, elaborate every product"

                Superior to the strong capital backing of listed companies

                Thanks to five production bases, more than 300 thousand square meters of specialization, large-scale production

                Wei Chuang solid warehouse to build one-stop service platform

                To provide customers with consulting, planning, design, system simulation to manufacturing, installation and after-sales service in one of the turnkey service system


                Core competence

                Solve Programme

                Consultation planning conceptual design system simulation Manufacturing After-sale service

                Business Advantage

                    In the automatic storage system, the automatic control of the roadway stacker is used to replace the manual storage of goods and manual pickup to improve efficiency and save labor;

                    The use of information systems to manage goods, enhanced management capabilities, improve accuracy and reliability,

                    Out of storage management, check and report accurately and quickly;

                Industry Application

                Provide one-stop and customized services for many industries

                Classic Case