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                偉創品質 走向世界

                WEICHUANG quality to the world

                The core competitiveness

                Involving the frequent use of people and vehicles, garage equipment safety is very important, Wei Chong always adhere to the "safe and durable" product concept, never for any interest reduction

                Product safety standards, Wei Chong believes that the safety and durability of the product is the root of long-term development of enterprises. Since 2007, three dimensional parking equipment products have been put into the market, and always maintain zero accidents. Nip in the bud, Wei Chuang relies on

                Rich experience, careful calculation of potential security risks in every detail.


                For customers to provide comprehensive security protection
                Three-dimensional garage solution

                Lifting and moving type PSH Vertical circulation PCX Plane movable PPY PXD stacker type Vertical lift PCS

                We create security

                On the journey of the future, weichuang while, continuous innovation

                Wei Chong will uphold the "quality?integrity?innovation?sharing" business philosophy, fully meet customer and market demand, to create a first-class brand, to become a respected h

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                Honor customers

                Brand cattle enterprise's NO.1 choice!